St. Louis Pilates Teacher Training

You can’t offer the finest Pilates classes in the world without the best staff of trainers. Our proprietary 500-hour comprehensive Club Pilates Teacher Training program ensures that our graduates are experts, which enables our customers to safely get the most out of their workouts.


    • 150 hours Online video content, lectures, homework, interactive review
    • 60 hours In-studio applied learning sessions taught by a Club Pilates Master Trainer and mentor
    • 80 hours Observation
    • 100 hours Self-practice
    • 50 hours Practice teaching
    • 60 hours Assistant teaching
  • Included in the comprehensive program at no additional cost: Workshops in TRX, Trigger Point and Barre
  • Learn how to cater to special populations, with an emphasis on teaching group Pilates equipment classes
  • Learn how to adapt Pilates to clients at all skill levels
  • Celebrate your individuality and creativity while safely applying the Pilates fundamentals and techniques

Cost: $4,750. Place a deposit of $2,000 to get started TODAY!

Price includes all online education videos, manuals, study guides, in-studio applied learning sessions, self-practice studio space, mentorship by master trainer for one year, workshop manuals and education in TRX, Trigger Point and Barre.

Why Club Pilates Teacher Training?

Our intense and intimate studio setting provides the foundation for the course. Club Pilates has an open studio policy for all participants in our Teacher Training program. We provide round-the-clock assistance in the most positive and nurturing way during your journey through the training program.

In the program, we dive immediately into the structure of the human body – covering anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and applied kinesiology. You will learn the difference in muscle fiber types and how and where oxygen exchange occurs in the body. You’ll use these fundamentals throughout the in-depth and rigorous Club Pilates Teacher Training program – first learning how your body works, and then how to apply this knowledge through Pilates-evolved and Pilates-based exercises.

While mastering Pilates movements and techniques, our student teachers learn how to address the many imbalances and injuries that people face in day-to-day life. Graduates of our training program develop a complete understanding of the musculoskeletal structure and system, gaining insight to help clients suffering from many types of injury, while safely exercising and challenging all individuals.

We spend hundreds of hours together and enjoyment of the journey is our top priority, especially in such an intense learning situation. Club Pilates has built a family of comprehensively-trained instructors. Each Pilates trainer brings their individual background, personality, and experience with Pilates into their individual teaching style – truly the beauty of this work. We encourage individuality and creativity while teaching you how to safely apply the Pilates fundamentals and techniques.

The Club Pilates Teacher Training Program is the first 500-hour Pilates training program to emphasize teaching group Pilates equipment classes to up to 12 people at a time. The program provides a challenging yet nurturing environment for dedicated Pilates practitioners who wish to become Pilates Trainers.

Our graduates are trained in detailed applications of the Pilates Method of exercise and are chosen for teaching opportunities based on their knowledge and ability to adapt the Pilates exercises to clients of all levels.

In addition, our staff is very experienced in handling sports-related injuries, including shoulder dislocations, knee reconstruction, bulging discs, multiple sprained and broken ankles, other injuries, and pre- and post-natal modifications. Our trainers have an in-depth knowledge of kinesiology and safe Pilates practices for those with injuries, and those who are fit.

Pilates Instructor Training & Certification Cost

When it comes to which Pilates program offers the best training, we’re confident that there’s no comparison. See how we stack up against other national programs and what you’ll receive:

Additional Costs Included?Workshops Included?
ProgramJob OpportunitiesHoursCostAll-Inclusive Program FeeDiploma FeeExam FeeMentorshipMat CertificationTRXTrigger PointBarre
Club PilatesHundreds of Instructors hired across the county500$4,750
Balanced Body Universityn/a500$3,500
BASI Pilatesn/a500$3,900
Core Pilates, NYCn/a500$4,500
Peak Pilatesn/a452$4,300
Physical Mind Instituten/an/a$2,700
Polestar Pilatesn/a452$5,000
Power Pilatesn/a424$4,000
Romana’s Pilatesn/a600$5,750
Ron Fletcher Programn/a500$9,000
Stott Pilatesn/a310$2,175

Year-Round Trainings Opportunites

Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring Courses

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